Bachelor: Hacking toolkit and awareness training


Extend and improve an existing demonstrator for various hacking/phishing/sniffing attacks that is used to teach experts and non-experts how they work and how they can be detected and prevented. We want to add new “classical” attacks as well as esoteric attacks that are tailored to the tools and systems, technologies and apps that are common today.

The envisioned system consists of 15-20 small scale computers (eg. Raspberry Pi) to be used by participants to walk through the various attacks and test them on internal targets.

Design challenges

  • Transportable setup
  • Easy to reset / update
  • Scalable (add more students)
  • Secure (if possible attacks should be limited to internal targets)
  • Reproducible (attacks should always work)
  • Extensible (new attacks should be easy to add)
  • Well documented (participants should understand what is going on)

HW is provided by us